Estate Planning

With offices in Minden and Carson City, Nevada, the Vander Laan Law Firm, LLC proudly provides estate planning services to people in Nevada, including residents relocating from California who need to update their estate planning documents. Attorney N… Read More

Wills and Trusts

A Last Will and Testament and a trust are fundamental parts of a thoughtfully prepared estate plan. Through these documents, you will specify how your property will be transferred. Work with a knowledgeable and experienced wills and trusts attorney a… Read More

Trust Administration

A trust is a commonly used estate planning tool. When a person who has a trust dies, the trust must be administered. Trust administration is the process by which trust property is transferred according to the terms of the trust after the death of a g… Read More


When someone is unable to handle their day-to-day affairs, the court can appoint a guardian to be responsible for that person’s financial, medical, or personal matters. Guardianship occurs when the court appoints someone to make decisions on behalf… Read More


Probate is the legal process of administering a person’s estate after their death. Your estate must pass through probate regardless of whether or not you have a Last Will and Testament. If you have a Will, a judge will review your Will to ensure th… Read More

Workers’ Compensation

When you go to work, you do not expect to end up injured, in the emergency room, or admitted to the hospital. Unfortunately, workplace accidents happen. And when they do, you need an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney who will help you navi… Read More

On-the-Job Accidents

All employees should be able to work in an environment that does not pose a risk to their health or safety. Yet workplace accidents happen every day, often with life-changing consequences. If you’ve been injured on the job, what options do you have… Read More

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Many workplace injuries are caused by a single life-altering event, like a fall, a chemical burn, or electrocution. But other work-related injuries are the result of the cumulative effect of repetitive motions or postures that are performed on the jo… Read More

Occupational Illnesses

An occupational illness is a chronic disorder that was caused by work activities or exposure to environmental conditions within the workplace. Occupational illnesses are covered by the Nevada workers’ compensation system; however, proving that an i… Read More