Safety team help a construction worker who has suffered a construction injury.

Common On-the-Job Injuries for Construction Workers

Construction sites are dangerous places to work. While most construction workers are hard-working, conscientious people, injuries still happen. And when they do, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you navigate the Nevada workers… Read More
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CLAIM; Wooden blocks with

Do Independent Contractors Qualify for Workers’ Compensation in Nevada?

Nevada’s workers’ compensation coverage provides benefits for workers who were injured on the job. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance program that pays for the cost of medical treatment and provides other benefits to injured employee… Read More
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Social Security Concept

Can I Get Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability?

For many employees, a workplace injury is a temporary setback. They make a full recovery and return to earning a livelihood. But for others, a workplace injury means a long-term rehabilitation process or even permanent disability. If you receive work… Read More
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Accepting a new job, while on workers' compensation

Can I Start a New Job While on Workers’ Compensation?

Many people who suffer a work-related injury are unable to perform the same job. As a result, they may experience difficulty making ends meet and might look for a new position. Others may seek a new job that is safer so they can avoid being injured a… Read More
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workers' compensation claim

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover COVID Long Haulers?

“Long COVID” or “long-haul COVID” refers to a situation in which a person who was exposed to the coronavirus continues to experience symptoms for weeks and even months afterward. Symptoms of long COVID may include memory loss, headaches, upse… Read More
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Common Workers’ Compens…

Common Workers’ Compensation Cases in the Hospitality Industry

Workers in the hospitality industry face a wide range of workplace hazards and often have to deal with Nevada workers’ compensation. These include injuries from lifting heavy items, exposure to hazardous workplace cleaning chemicals, and physical t… Read More
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